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Telpner Peterson Now Offers Mediation Services

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Mediation

Telpner Peterson is pleased to announce that the firm is now offering mediation services. Nicole Hughes has completed 40 hours of mediation training and is certified by Iowa Mediation Service, Inc.

Mediation is a dispute resolution process where parties meet with the assistance of a neutral third-party facilitator to discover options and negotiate a solution to their disagreement. It offers several advantages over litigation. Mediation is a less expensive, faster, and more flexible approach to solving legal disputes.

As a trained and certified mediator, Nicole Hughes can help parties resolve disputes in a variety of areas, including child custody, divorce, personal injury, and debtor-creditor.  She will help parties work toward a mutually acceptable solution.

If you have a legal dispute you would like to try and resolve before resorting to litigation, please reach out to Nicole Hughes for more information.