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Experienced Support For Creditor Representation

At the Telpner Peterson Law Firm, LLP, our attorneys are available to protect creditors’ rights. Our lawyers help you collect from debtors by demanding payment through secured transactions, collecting debt in court, filing lawsuits or liens, or beginning involuntary bankruptcy proceedings.

Charles Smith and Nicole Hughes represent creditors in bankruptcy matters. They have substantial experience in all bankruptcy matters and regularly advise clients on routine and complex issues. We represent clients in contested matters and adversary proceedings, including avoiding preferential or fraudulent transfers and objections to discharge and dischargeability.

Representing Financial Institutions In Iowa

Our firm represents clients on issues affecting financial institutions, including consumer and commercial transactions, loan workouts, participations, loan collections, foreclosure, replevin, receivership and related matters.

We have served as counsel to lenders in both federal and state court on bankruptcy and collection matters. We have represented various types of financial institutions, including banks and credit unions.

Additionally, we keep our creditor clients updated on their responsibilities. We can assist creditors in understanding and complying with the changes to Iowa law regarding notice of garnishment and levy to judgment debtors.

Mediation And Bankruptcy

While many people associate mediation with family law, it can also be used in bankruptcy and insolvency settings. Mediation is an alternative to the traditional, confrontational negotiation and courtroom system. It works by having a neutral third-party mediator oversee the negotiation process, offer their interpretation of the issues holding up an agreement, relay messages between the parties and help draft a settlement agreement. The mediator generally is someone with extensive experience in bankruptcy law, often an attorney or retired judge.

Among other things, mediation can bring creditors and debtors together to work out a solution faster, more cheaply and with less rancor than in bankruptcy court. Creditors often walk away with a larger portion of what they are owed and a smaller bill for attorney fees. Along with their bankruptcy practice, our attorneys are experienced and skilled mediators. They can help you decide whether to pursue bankruptcy mediation, prepare you for the session and represent you there.

Services From Skilled Bankruptcy Attorneys

Call 712-309-3738 or use our online form to contact us in Council Bluffs. Let us know how we can help you or your commercial entity resolve your financial issues, including complex bankruptcy cases requiring litigation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Our attorneys also advise in debt settlement workouts and handle foreclosure and repossession work.