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Why are Springtime Accidents So Common?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Firm News

Car accidents can and do occur just about anywhere and at any time. There are certain times, however, including springtime, when collisions are more likely to happen. Fortunately, it is possible to recover accident-related compensation for these collisions, so if you were recently injured in a crash for which you were not at fault, you should contact an experienced Iowa auto accident lawyer who can walk you through your legal options.

Adverse Springtime Weather Conditions

Once the winter holidays are over and we can see the first signs of spring, many motorists fail to remember that adverse weather conditions could still cause havoc for them on the roads. This includes everything from light drizzles to violent rainstorms, both of which can reduce visibility, while also making the roads slicker and generally more treacherous. These situations can become even more dangerous if the temperature suddenly drops, resulting in freezing rain and icy roads. High winds also often prove dangerous during this time of year, as they can blow debris onto the roadways and make it more difficult to control larger vehicles, putting drivers at risk of rollover accidents and other types of collisions.

Increased Traffic

The spike in springtime accidents in Iowa can also be attributed to the higher number of travelers on the road. Not only do more people feel comfortable driving once the winter months are over, but many also celebrate spring break or go on vacation during these months. Students, in particular, often find themselves on the road in March, April, and May, traveling to and from warmer locales while on spring break. High school and college students make up a large proportion of this traffic and in their excitement over being out of school, may make irresponsible decisions, such as drinking and driving. Teens and young adults are generally inexperienced when it comes to driving and historically, have been more likely to cause accidents than other age groups.

Spring break also sees many families taking road trips and other vacations, which also increases the number of vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, more traffic usually means that motorists have a higher chance of being involved in an accident. Staying aware of traffic patterns and congestion during these months can help motorists avoid injury, but taking these precautions doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a person will be able to fend off a collision.

The warm weather will also be welcome to many cyclists and pedestrians who have been cooped up all winter. These groups are at an especially high risk of injury, however, as they tend to be less visible on the road.

Road Construction

Many cities like to begin new construction projects as soon as springtime rolls around. This is especially common on heavily frequented roadways that see a lot of use. Unfortunately, while construction crews may be making necessary repairs or conducting maintenance, roadway construction sites also cause abnormal changes in speed, increase danger for road crews who are forced to close off shoulders or work close to traffic, and change typical lane paths. For these reasons, drivers should stay on high alert when driving through construction zones.

More Wear and Tear

Although it depends on the age and quality of a vehicle, warmer weather generally increases the risk of tire blowouts and problems related to overheating. A malfunctioning engine part or tire can have serious consequences for drivers who may lose control of their vehicles. Alternatively, a motorist could just end up stuck on the side of the road and in danger of being struck by unwary drivers. In either case, motorists can take steps to avoid this by checking their vehicle’s oil levels, tires, engine, air conditioning, and coolant before summer officially starts.

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