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Important Things to Remember When Injured on the Job

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Worker's Compensation

If You Get Hurt – Report the Injury

If the injury is more serious than a simple band-aide, report it to your employer or supervisor. Frequently, what are thought to be minor injuries at first, can develop and progress into a more severe situation.  You may have been able to finish out your workday without a whole lot of trouble, but later that night or the next day you realize you’ve got a serious problem.  Although you generally have 90 days to notify, a delay in notifying can appear suspicious.  It can open up the door for the employer to claim that you may have done it while not at work.  The details surrounding the accident or injury also may no longer be clear if you wait too long.  Tell your employer you want to fill out an injury form, and keep a copy of that form.

Get Medical Treatment

Once again, unless you are certain the injury is nothing to be concerned about, or will not develop into anything to be concerned about, see a medical care provider. Having a medical provider document your injuries in their medical records can be very important down the road for your case.  Follow the doctor’s advice and course of treatment recommended.

Keep Written Records

In addition to reporting the injury to your employer in writing, and having kept a copy of that injury report, you should keep records of all medical appointments and treatments you have received.  You should also document any time you have missed from work whether it be because you were not physically up to attending work, or had to take time off for medical appointments.

Visit With an Attorney

Workers’ compensation claims are rarely as simple as one would hope they would be, or as simple as an employer or the employer’s insurance company would want you to believe them to be.  Call an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.  It won’t cost you anything to make the call and have an initial consultation.

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