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3 of the Most Common Workers Compensation Claims

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

It is unfortunate, but accidents at work are fairly common. Some industries are more prone to injury than others, for example occupations that involve manual labor or heavy lifting are much more likely to have employees hurt or fall ill at the workplace. However, slips, falls, and misuse of tools at work can occur anywhere, from a warehouse to an office. When workplace injuries do happen, a workers compensation claim should be initiated for benefit of the employee.

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an insurance program created and regulated by every state that ensures employees who are injured at work receive adequate compensation.

The law requires most employers in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and all Iowa cities, to carry workers compensation insurance. Those injured or ill at the workplace, regardless of profession, should investigate how and where to file a workers compensation claim. As well, all employees should know what injuries are covered by workers compensation and the workplace activities that most commonly lead to a claim.

Manual Materials Handling

The most common type of workers compensation claim throughout the United States is for manual materials handling. These cases account for an estimated 32% of all workers compensation claims, and the prevalence of this claim is no different in Council Bluffs.

Most people only hear the term “manual materials handling” for the first time after a workplace injury. However, the activities included in this term are tasks performed at work every day. Manual materials handling is the movement of objects by lifting, pushing, carrying, or other manual operation. It is understandable how this could be the biggest cause of injury, particularly when bulky or heavy items are involved.

When those actions result in health impairment at the workplace, there is a viable claim for workers compensation. The exceptions are for ordinary building up or tearing down of body tissue and aggravation of a preexisting condition.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls occur in a variety of workplaces, from factories to retail stores. Workers compensation lawyers in Council Bluffs assist many employees each year in filing a claim on the basis of a slip, trip, or fall while on the job. In fact, injuries that result from these mishaps account for about 16% of all workers compensation claims.

As with other types of claims, it is necessary for employees to show that injury from a slip, trip, or fall occurred at work and arose out of workplace activities. Both requirements are necessary for a viable workers compensation claim. Typically, with a slip, trip, or fall it is more difficult for employees to provide proof of the casual connection between the injury and workplace activity. However, even if the employee contributed to the cause of injury, he or she is still entitled to worker compensation.

Collisions with Objects

Lastly, a number of workplace injuries result from collisions with objects. This type claim can result from a worker running into an object or being struck by a moving object. Some examples include being hit by a vehicle at work or on a job site, hurt by a box or object falling from a shelf, or hit by an object dropped or tossed by another employee.

In many instances, these collisions do not result in hospitalization or long-term injury. As a result, a number of employees do not file a workers compensation claim after a cut or contusion from colliding with an object at work. However, Iowa’s law provides a broad definition of injury, and these smaller injuries, and the medical care required to treat these injuries, are covered.

 Disputes Over Cause and Compensation

Often, a workers compensation claim is settled through open and honest communication between the employee, employer, and insurance provider. However, in certain instances disputes over compensation or cause of injury will arise. Under these circumstances, it is incredibly helpful for an employee to engage legal counsel to assess the claim. A local lawyer in Council Bluffs will be familiar with the employer at issue and Division of Workers’ Compensation in Iowa, which is the office responsible for disputes

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