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Workers Compensation – I think I have a claim

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2016 | Worker's Compensation

The Worker’s Compensation Basics

Injuries on the job leave hard-working people like you without a means to support themselves. To make up for the time lo
st from work and medical bills, employers provide worker’s compensation as required by law. In an ideal world, the injury is small, and your employer processes the worker’s compensation claim without a problem. Often, injuries lead to more serious problems.

In many instances, worker’s compensation fails to compensate for the entire injury. A worker’s compensation attorney in Council Bluffs, IA is what you need. Employers often take advantage of their power over employees. With a worker’s compensation lawyer, employees have bargaining power with their employer. A worker’s compensation attorney speaks on your behalf while you take the time to recover.

The Worker’s Compensation process

First, the injury occurs. Each state has different laws on worker’s compensation. In Iowa, employees have the ability to receive compensation for an “injury, occupational disease, or occupational hearing loss.”[1] The injury could be a small cut or a more serious injury. It is also possible to file a worker’s compensation claim for a long-term illness. A long-term illness results from things like exposure to hazardous inhalants.

The work injury needs to happen during the course of your duties. A slip on the floor of the office may entitle you to worker’s compensation. A slip in the parking lot after you clock out for the day, may qualify for worker’s compensation.

Once you establish that the injury occurred in the course of your work duties, seek medical attention. Immediate medical attention is important for worker’s compensation claims and medical evidence regarding the extent of the work injury is key.

You must report the injury to your employer within the parameters of the law. If your employer explained the process to you, follow their procedures for reporting the work injury. Typically, a member of the Human Resources department has the forms for a worker’s compensation claim but every company’s procedure may differ. Failure to follow the proper procedure may be grounds for a denial of your claim, so be careful.

Your employer’s worker’s compensation provider will process your claim. If they deny the claim partially or in full, you should receive notice. Whether you work in the public or private sector, worker’s compensation entitles you to adequate compensation for your work injuries.  If the worker’s compensation offer is not satisfactory, contact a worker’s compensation lawyer immediately.

Seeking help with worker’s compensation

If you think you have a claim for worker’s compensation, immediately seek out a worker’s compensation attorney. Sometimes, an employer fails to be compliant with state regulations. Each state requires different things of employers for worker’s compensation. A worker’s compensation lawyer can look into your specific claim for reversal of the decision. Your injury or disease may entitle you to more compensation.

A worker’s compensation attorney will take your medical evaluation from a doctor. If you are back on your feet in a short time, worker’s compensation may only pay for medical bills. If you are out of work for a period of time, it may be possible to seek compensation for lost wages. This is why medical documentation is necessary for your claim.

Worker’s compensation requires that the accident is non-intentional. If you contributed to your own injuries through negligence, you still may be entitled to receive full worker’s compensation. It is important to contact a worker’s compensation attorney to discuss your case before deciding that you have no claim.

Hiring a worker’s compensation attorney

If you believe that you have a worker’s compensation claim, file a claim with your employer as soon as possible after discovery of the injury. If the worker’s compensation insurance company denied the claim, contact a worker’s compensation attorney.