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Old Injury Made Worse Due To Work

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2016 | Worker's Compensation

Many workers’ compensation claims get denied on the grounds that people had a past medical condition. Don’t be fooled or just take no for an answer. If you have injured a part of your body for which you received past medical treatment, therapy, or even surgery, you are still entitled to compensation if your work has made this past condition worse. It is common that repetitive bending, twisting, and lifting will make a bad back much more painful.

Insurance companies will often also argue that your activities outside of work are a contributing cause. While that may be true, work is also frequently a contributing cause to increased symptoms. Under Iowa law, your work does not need to be the major factor leading to your injury or symptoms, as long as it is a factor. You may have injured your back several years ago, had surgery, and returned to work, only to reinjure the same part of your back. If so, you are entitled to worker’s compensation. You may have long-standing arthritis in your knees, and received previous treatment for the condition. Nevertheless, you are still entitled to compensation if you sustained a new injury due to your work. Past injuries can be made worse over time due to workplace activities. If you have had your claim denied because you have a past medical condition, contact Walt Thomas at Telpner Peterson Law Firm, LLP at 712-309-3738 to assist you in obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled.